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Tempel.link ("Tempel Link") is a free online text hosting service provider. By using this site, anyone can anonymously easily write and paste text to save it online or share with others. This service can be used by anyone to share text and links for any purpose. People usually use this site not only to store text and notes, but also sometimes to share code snippets, app download links, affiliate links, and or video streaming links. And to use all these services is completely free and no registration is required.

To get started, please write or paste text and a link or a mix of both, then click publish. All web addresses will be converted to hyperlinks automatically. Just separate them with a space or a new line. After you press publish, a page will be created with your content - copy and share the address to let others see it too!

Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to share any information anywhere and for any purpose. This site ("Tempel Link") could be another alternative to Pastebin.com or JustPaste.it but in a simplified version with almost the same features and service goals.